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 We are pleased to introduce Tong You Enterprise Co., Ltd to you as one of the most specialized
manufacturer of motor-related parts and accessories in Taiwan. Particularly, TKW-OBM range of motor
parts affiliations with excellent technique and performance places us in a most competitive position. Our
products are made in Taiwan and quality guarantee. We trust that our over 30 years experience and 
commercial affairs can entitle us to your confidence.
In addition you can visit our that you can browse our full-line
products. Then we also provide OEM-parts of YAMAHA, SUZUKI, and KYMCO etc. We will be 
appreciated if you make use of our experience and excellent production technique to build a
mutual profitable business relationship in the near future.
If you have any further questions with regard to us or our products, please feel free to contact 
us. You are... [more]
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